El Rancho Grande
About The Owners

Fulfilling a life-long dream since emigrating from Puebla, Mexico to the United States nearly 40 years ago, Maria Meza opened El Rancho Grande in Providence, RI, with her son, Joaquin Meza Jr., on May 5, 2007.

Both are committed to offering traditional Mexican dishes at an affordable price using only the most authentic ingredients possible, often bringing in hard-to-find food products directly from Mexico. Special festive events spotlighting traditional arts and entertainment from Mexico are held throughout the year.

All staff speaks English and Spanish.

Cocina Poblana

Puebla's food culture, known as Cocina Poblana, is popular all over Mexico. Puebla is considered the home of mole, a rich, spicy sauce containing chocolate, cinnamon and nuts, as well as different types of hot peppers. Served with chicken, mole has become the most renowned dish of Puebla's cuisine.
Source: wikipedia.org

Daily        8am - 10pm
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